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Lake Mendota

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Lake Mendota is located in the Yahara River watershed within Dane County.

It is a drainage lake with predominantly muck substrate. It has a surface area of 3961 hectare, 33.8 kilometers of highly developed shoreline and a maximum depth of 25.3 meters.

NTL LTER sampling location is at 43.09885, -89.40545


Lake Manipulations:

1987 - 1999 Foodweb manipulation

Lathrop, R.C., Johnson, B.M., Johnson, T.B., Vogelsang, M.T., Carpenter, S.R., Hrabik, T.R., Kitchell, J.F., Magnuson, J.J., Rudstam, L.G. and Stewart, R.S. (2002), Stocking piscivores to improve fishing and water clarity: a synthesis of the Lake Mendota biomanipulation project. Freshwater Biology, 47: 2410-2424.

N: 43.14600 S: 43.0766 E: -89.36730 W: -89.48370
Elevation: 259m

Current Conditions:

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