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Lake Mendota

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Lake Mendota is located in the Yahara River watershed within Dane County.

It is a drainage lake with predominantly muck substrate. It has a surface area of 3961 hectare, 33.8 kilometers of highly developed shoreline and a maximum depth of 25.3 meters.

NTL LTER sampling location is at 43.09885, -89.40545


N: 43.14600 S: 43.0766 E: -89.36730 W: -89.48370
Elevation: 259m

Current Conditions:

Updated: 2020-09-20 20:50:00
Water Temp
64.6 °F
18.1 °C
Air Temp
63.9 °F
17.7 °C
11 mph
SSE (163 deg)
Secchi Depth
1.8 m (est.)