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Fish Lake

Fish lake iconfish lake clear waterFish Lake is located in the Yahara River watershed within Dane County.

It is a seepage lake with predominantly sand and muck substrate. It has a surface area of 87.4 hectare, 4.3 kilometers of highly developed shoreline and a maximum depth of 18.9 meters.

NTL LTER sampling location is at 43.09885, -89.40545

Lake Manipulations:

1994 Macrophyte removal from 20% of the littoral zone

Mark H. Olson, Stephen R. Carpenter, Paul Cunningham, Sarig Gafny, Brian R. Herwig, Nathan P. Nibbelink, Tom Pellett, Christine Storlie, Anett S. Trebitz & Karen A. Wilson (1998) Managing Macrophytes to Improve Fish Growth: A Multi-lake Experiment, Fisheries, 23:2, 6-12, DOI: 10.1577/1548-8446(1998)023<0006:MMTIFG>2.0.CO;2


N: 43.29220 S: 43.2821 E: -89.64390 W: -89.66220
Elevation: 261m