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We measure particulate deposition in Trout, Sparkling, and Crystal lakes using cylindrical sediment traps suspended in the hypolimnion, the catch bottles poisoned with sodium azide. Duplicate traps are collected monthly during the open water period. The collected sediment is separated into two size fractions (<210u and >210u), and dried and weighed to calculate the rate of sediment deposition to the lake, as mg/m2/day.
Protocol Log:  1986 -- began sampling sediment deposition, using one trap per lake.  Analysis is done in Madison.
     1986-1991 -- sediment was analyzed for carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
     1988 -- began deployment of two traps per lake.
     1996 -- began to measure mass of particles in the trap water above the collection bottle in addition to the sediment in the bottle.
     2000 to present -- analysis is done at Trout Lake Station.


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