US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Samples for organic and inorganic carbon are collected together with a peristaltic pump and tubing and in-line filtered, if necessary, (through a 0.40 micron polycarbonate filter) into glass 24 ml vials (that are compatible with the carbon analyzer autosampler), and capped with septa, leaving no head space. The samples are stored refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius until analysis, which should occur within 2-3 weeks.
The detection limit for organic carbon is 0.30 ppm and the analytical range for the method is 30 ppm.
Method Log: Prior to May 2006 samples, organic carbon was analyzed by heated persulfate digestion on an OI Model 700 Carbon Analyzer. From May 2006 to present, Organic carbon is analyzed by combustion, on a Shimadzu TOC-V-csh Total Organic Carbon Analyzer.


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