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Samples for ammonium and nitrate/nitrite are collected together with a peristaltic pump and tubing and in-line filtered (through a 0.40 micron polycarbonate filter) into new, 20 ml HDPE plastic containers with conical caps. The samples are stored frozen until analysis, which should occur within 6 months. The samples are analyzed for ammonium (and nitrate/nitrite) simultaneously by automated colorimetric spectrophotometry, using a segmented flow autoanalyzer. Ammonium is determined by utilizing the Berthelot Reaction, producing a blue colored indophenol compound, where the absorption is monitored at 660 nm.
The detection limit for ammonium is approximately 3 ppb and the analytical range for the method extends to 4000 ppb.
Method Log: Prior to January 2006 samples, ammonium was determined on a Technicon segmented flow autoanalyzer. From 2006 to present, ammonium is determined by an Astoria-Pacific Astoria II segmented flow autoanalyzer.


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