US Long-Term Ecological Research Network


  • Clipboard w/ data sheets and lake maps on waterproof paper
  • Pencils, pens, sharpie
  • YSI (change membrane and/or check if bubbles, and turn on before going to field)
  • Cooler(s) w/ chemistry bottles and ice
a) SLOH nutrient
b) DIC/DOC, A, N, V, S, pH
c) zooplankton jars
d) phytoplankton bottles
e) zebra mussel bottles
  • Acid H2SO4 for SLOH samples
  • SLOH sample lab sheets
  • Filters
a) nutrient
b) chlorophyll (GFF for spec. and fluor. integrated and discrete depths)
c) TPM
  • Zooplankton
a)  net
b) cup
c) squirt bottle
d) liter bottle with ethanol (different ethanol for zebra mussel samples)
  • Integrated Sampling Tube (8m length, wide diameter for 0-2m and 0-8m water)
  • Three 2000mL plastic jugs for integrated water column sampling
  • Secchi Disk and rope
  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Pump Tubing
a)   20+ m of inlet hose (ME, MO, FI)
b)   5 m of inlet hose (WI, KE, WA)
c)   short inlet hose with weight (for TPM's and chlorophylls)
  • Graduated Cylinders
a)      100 mL
b)      500 mL
c)      2000 mL
  • Keys (for boat, trailer, Lot 60 gate, Blac Hol)
  • Spare Bottles
  • Spare Plastic Bags
  • Boat Supplies
a)      Gas (for Jon Boat)
b)      Anchor
c)      Oars
d)     Boat Cushions
e)      Life Jackets
f)       Radio
  • WI Gazetteer
  • Rain Gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Drinking Water
  • Lunch
Additional Winter Supplies
Sled/ pup tent
Ice Auger (gas and manual)
Spud bar
Ice Scoop/skimmer
Yardstick for ice depth
Survival Suit/Hat/Gloves
Safety ice picks
4-wheeler key
Buckets/ seat cushions


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