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We collect vertical tows with a 1meter diameter, 1mm mesh net from each lake in late summer, sampling at the deep hole permanent anchor after dark.  We collect five replicate tows from each lake.  Trout Lake has four additional sampling stations along a transect from the deep hole to Rocky Reef point where we take three replicate tows from depths of 10m, 15m, 20m, and 25m.  Thus each lake has five samples collected, except Trout Lake, which has 17 total samples.

Samples are counted with a binocular microscope at about 60x total magnification. We count the entire sample for the total numbers of the following animals: Chaoborus spp. (differentiating between larvae and pupae), Leptodora kinditi, and Mysis relicta. In addition, we note the relative abundance of Holopedium and Daphnia within each sample.  One sample from each station is archived after counting; the rest are discarded.

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