US Long-Term Ecological Research Network

Dumping Light Data

1.     Log in: LTERBC, Password: troutlake
2.     Select LTER Light Folder
3.     Select #1 Empty Logger
4.     Select 21XLite from Station list
5.     Connect to logger
6.     Collect data from logger-make sure to browse the file name (found in                                         
7.     Create a file name: year(3)month(jul)day(26)# of dumps for that day(01 for the first dump or 02 for the second).dat
                  ie. 3jul2601.dat
8.     Check status of logger and record the FS location and the number of FS words
9.     Disconnect logger
10. Close all windows
11. Back in LTER Light folder, select #2 Clean Files
12. Hit Browse and select the file that was previously downloaded
13. Hit Process File
14. Record cleaned files names and battery voltage
                   Replace batteries if volts <11.4
15. Press Exit and return to LTER Light folder
16. Go to #3 View Cleaned Files
17. File-Open-lakelight-goodlight-03files
18. Change “list files of types” to all files and select the file that was cleaned
19. Look at the file and if the rations are descending in order then check it off in the notebook
      If the ratios are incorrect then open #4 View Raw Files and check the raw data ratios
20. Close the notebook windows but leave the LTER Light folder open and log out
Reinstall the Light Program
1.     Log into light2003
2.     Go to LTER Light folder
3.     Select #1 Empty logger and connect to the logger
4.     Go to send data logger program
5.     Select the file from O:LTER/Logger/liteprog/current
a.     Select the file name lite21X.DLD if the logger is the 21Xlite
b.    Hit OK
6.     Go to numeric for input locations
7.     Enter Cal Constant 1 for deck cell as a negative
8.     Enter Cal Constant 2 for Depth cell as a negative
9.     Set the data logger clock
10. Disconnect from the logger and close that window
 (reviewed 9/04 Anne Small)


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