US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Entering and Proofreading Data

1.      When entering data into Chemlab or in excel, write: “entered”, the date, and your initials at the top of the hard copy that remains in the binder. 
2.      When proofreading data, write “proofed”, the date, and your initials next to where the entered information is written.
3.      The original field sheet and a copy should be kept and filed. Originals are to be placed in designated bin and copies are to be filed in appropriate binders. Data sheets for macrophytes, chlorophyll and pH are also filed in the appropriate binders.
General Data Management Procedures
1.       Do not keep several versions of the same data set. You should only have one version which should be stored on the CFL network.
2.       Unless you are entering or proofreading data, do not manipulate an original data set. If you want to work with a data set, copy it immediately after opening it in a file labeled something like ‘test’ or ‘temporary’.


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