US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
We collect unfiltered water samples for conductivity with peristaltic pump and tubing four times per year at the deepest part of the lake, sampling at the surface, mid water column, and the bottom. The sampling dates include February under ice, spring mixis, August stratified, and fall mixis.  We measure conductivity using a YSI Model 32 Conductance meter equipped with a YSI 3403 Conductivity Cell and YSI 3220 Temperature sensor. In addition to the lake water samples, we run standards of 10 and 100uS/cm as check solutions.  Conductivity is reported as uS/cm at 25°C.
Protocol Log:   1981-1988 -- a Sybron Barnstead conductivity bridge was used.
    1981-1986 -- conductivity was measured monthly.
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