US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Trout Lake
#7 Three birch trees at water's edge with a fourth birch stump about 5 ft long hanging over the water, 15 ft. south of two maple (with a third broken-trunk of a maple). Set out approx. 75 feet. (Added in 1982)
#17 Approx. 200 ft. north of the old public access clearing by a double pine tree, half of which is broken off (w/ woodpecker holes). Also near a small dead birch tree about 20 ft. high.
#31 Set out from a 6 foot gap between 2 large clumps of cedar. Roughly the middle of the island shoreline, and just to the left (south) of the macrophyte site. (Added in 1982) (Description revised in 1993 to avoid the macrophyte site and make finding it easier.)
#67 45 ft. from shore, just south of the tip of the point, halfway to middle of small cove. Set out from largest white birch tree.
#50 Set out from west pine of the two large outstanding pines - note severe drop-off.
**Pine broke off before retrieval in 1994.
#56 120 ft. from shoreline. Out from farthest to the west of 3 huge white pines. (not sampled in 1982-83)
Deep Halfway between lab and Millers Island.
Allequash Lake
#14 Set 100 ft. from shoreline, out from group of white birch hanging over the water. Stump and large rock to the left.
#16 Set out from group of 3 white birch at shoreline; one birch uphill from two is broken and fallen between the two trunks.
#32 Set near overhanging black spruce to the right of all the big rocks and to the left of the dead bog trees.
Deep Permanent sampling site.
#40 Set to the left of the campsite, halfway between campsite and two overhanging birch trees, one dead and almost in water. (These birches are about 20 feet apart)
Sparkling Lake
#1 Off the boat landing to the south, set far enough out of the way so as not to be too obvious.
Deep Permanent sampling site.
#19 Set between the two fallen trees.
#21 Set beneath large dead pine overhanging the water.
#24 By the last dead tree snag along the east shore, south of wayside. Set about 2 ft. to the south of the snag.
Big Muskellunge Lake
#82 Set 25 ft. from shore, out from a small birch tree near the water. 50 feet to the right is a large stump. Behind are several red pine.
#59 To the right of picnic area. Set at big oak 10 ft. from shore. An opening six feet wide (path?) is immediately next to the oak.
Deep Permanent sampling site.
#51 By a stand of pines near a big double birch tree with one trunk dead, set out 10 feet from shore.
#43 Set out from dead log lying horizontal in the water, halfway between narrows and point to the south. There is a dead pine near the shore 40 feet to the right. (site redescribed in 1986 when no previous landmarks recognizable)
Crystal Lake
#6 Set out from 2nd pathway near quad of birch, east of boat landing.
#9 Set out from 5th pathway near a dead tree. One birch is immediately at left of path and four single birch are between paths 4 and 5.
Deep Permanent sampling site
#27 Near the north edge of the west beach area. Set out from large single birch, which is 30 ft. to right of trio of birch and an oak.
#43 Set out from two merging white pines (one trunk is smaller and behind larger one), near two small birch trees in a 'V'. (Campsite 27)
27-2 (Crystal) Bog
12-15 (Trout) Bog
#2 Mid Lake
#1 & #3 Approx. 200 feet to either side of walkway into the bog.


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