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The gear that the WDNR used to collect fish population data from the Yahara Lakes prior to LTER (1987-1993) and 1997-1998. BOOM SHOCKER= Standard WDNR electrofishing boat set at 240-210 volts and 15-22 amps DC with a 20% duty cycle and 60 pulses per second. FYKE= Fyke net constructed of 1.25 inch (stretch) mesh with a lead length of 50 ft. (a few 25 ft. leads were used). The hoop diameter was 3 ft. and the frame measured 3 ft. by 6 ft. Total length of the net was 28 ft. plus the lead length. MINIFYKE= Mini-fyke net constructed with 3/16 in. mesh 2 ft. diameter hoops 2 ft. x 3 ft. frame and a 25 ft. lead. To exclude turtles and large piscivores from minifyke nets some nets were constructed with approximately 2 in. by 2 in. mesh at the entrance to the net. SEINE= Seine net made with 25ft bag seine with 1/8 inch mesh pulled perpendicular to shore starting from a depth of 1 m. GILLNET= Gill nets constructed of five 2.5-4.5 in. mesh panels 125 ft. long.
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