US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Please select what columns you would like to include from EXO2 Multiparameter Sonde Data
Column Definition Unit
lakeid Lake identification code
sampledate sample date
sampletime time of observation
depth depth at which the sample or measurement was taken nominalDay
wtemp water temperature nominalDay
do_raw dissolved oxygen ppm milligramsPerLiter
do_sat O2 %sat percent
ph pH dimensionless
spec_cond Specific Conductance microsiemens per centimeter
chlor_rfu Chlorophyll relativeFluorescenceUnits
phyco_rfu Phycocyanin relativeFluorescenceUnits
turbidity Turbidity Formazin Nephelometric Unit (FNU)
fdom Fluorescent dissolved organic matter (fDOM) relativeFluorescenceUnits
flag_wtemp data flag for water temperature
flag_do_raw data flag for DO ppm
flag_do_sat data flag for O2 %sat
flag_ph Data flag for pH variable
flag_spec_cond Data flag for specific conductance
flag_chlor_rfu Data flag for chlor_rfu
flag_phyco_rfu Data flag for phyco_rfu
flag_turbidity Data flag for turbidity
flag_fdom Data flag for fDOM variable
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