US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Code Definition
E :

Average of duplicate analyses

F :

Duplicate analyses in error

G :

Analysed late

H :

Outside of standard range

I :

Outside of data entry constraints

J :

Non-standard routine followed (SLOH only)

K :

Data suspect

L :

Data point and blind value differ by more than 15%

M :

More than four flags

N :

Sample retested

O :

Value suspect but total pigment (CHL + PHAEO) value accurate

P :

TPM uncorrected for humidity change between filter weighting

Q :

Quality control comments on SLOH lab sheet

R :

Value between LOD and LOQ

S :

Value below detection limit; set to zero

V :

Could not be computed

W :

Negative light value; set to zero

X :

Value below detection limit