US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
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Column Definition Unit
lakeid lake name abbreviation
year4 year nominalYear
sampledate sample date
time_ping time of ping
target_strength_corrected target strength of single fish echoes after correction for location in the acoustic beam decibel
target_strength_uncorrected target strength of echoes without correction for location in the acoustic beam (raw single fish echoes) decibel
angle_minor_axis angle off minor axis degree
angle_major_axis angle off major axis degree
pulselength_determ_level the level at which the pulse length was determined. (PLDL) The level is measured down from the maximum of the echo pulse. decibel
samples_above_pldl the number of samples above the PLDL number
pulselength_normalized_6db length of the received echo pulse divided by the transmitted pulse length. decibel
pulse_start_normalized_6db start points of the pulse at 6dB PLDL level decibel
transmitted_pulse_length length of the transmitted pulse millisecond
target_true_depth true depth of single fish target corrected for position in the acoustic beam meter
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