US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
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Column Definition Unit
lakeid ltreb lakeid lake which is sampled
sta station at which sample or observation was collected/made
sampledate date sample was collected
barom_pres_init initial barometric pressure millimeterMercury
lightout_init initial light out of water micromolePerMeterSquaredPerSecond
lightout_final final light out of water micromolePerMeterSquaredPerSecond
light50_final final light at 0.5m depth micromolePerMeterSquaredPerSecond
sampledepth depth at which sample was collected in meters meter
coreid core id
times_wrapped number of times core was wrapped with shading material dimensionless
light_in_tube light reading in empty core tube micromolePerMeterSquaredPerSecond
inc_time_start incubation start time
wtemp_init initial water temperature celsius
o2sat_init initial percent oxygen saturation percent
do_init initial dissolved oxygen milligramsPerLiter
column_depth water column depth in core (cm) centimeter
inc_time_end incubation end time
wtemp_final final water temperature celsius
o2sat_final final percent oxygen saturation percent
do_final final dissolved oxygen milligramsPerLiter
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