US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
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Column Definition Unit
lakeid lake name abbreviation
year4 year nominalYear
sampledate sample date
mid_sample_time time at halfway point of sampling
mid_latitude latitude at halfway point of sampling degree
mid_longitude longitude at halfway point of sampling degree
sv_mean volume backscatter from recorded echoes integrated over sample volume decibel
nasc nautical area scattering coefficient. Calculated as 4*pi*1852^2*10^Sv_mean/10*mean height meterSquaredPerNauticalMileSquared
mean_height mean thickness of the domain sampled meter
mean_depth mean depth of the area sampled meter
number_pings number of pings recorded for a sampling date number
species species sampled
species_ts estimated mean size of species sampled. This information was derived from single target analysis in each lake decibel
density density in number of each species sampled per nautical square mile numberPerNauticalMileSquared
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