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Column Definition Unit
lakeid lake name abbreviation
year4 year nominalYear
bin_midpoint midpoint of 5mm bin millimeter
bandedkillifish banded killifish number
bgpumphybrid bluegill-pumpkinseed hybrid number
bigmouthbuffalo bigmouth buffalo number
blackbullhead black bullhead number
blackchinshiner black chinshiner number
blackcrappie black crappie number
blacknoseshiner blacknose shiner number
blackstrptopminnow blackstripe topminow number
bluegill bluegill number
bluntnoseminnow bluntnose minnow number
bowfin bowfin number
brassyminnow brassy minnow number
brooksilverside brook silverside number
brookstickleback brook stickleback number
brownbullhead brown bullhead number
burbot burbot number
channelcatfish channel catfish number
cisco cisco number
commoncarp common carp number
commonshiner common shiner number
crappie crappie number
creekchub creek chub number
darter darter number
emeraldshiner emerald shiner number
fantaildarter fantail darter number
fathead fathead minnow number
finescaledace finescale dace number
freshwaterdrum freshwater drum number
goldenredhorse golden redhorse number
goldenshiner golden shiner number
grasspickerel grass pickerel number
greaterredhorse greater redhorse number
greenbghybrid green sunfish-bluegill hybrid number
greenpumphybrid green sunfish-pumpkinseed hybrid number
greensunfish green sunfish number
guppy guppy number
hornyheadchub hornyhead chub number
iowadarter iowa darter number
johnnydarter johnny darter number
laketrout lake trout number
lakewhitefish lake whitefish number
largemouthbass largemouth bass number
larvalfish larval fish number
larvalsunfish larval sunfish number
logperch logperch number
longearsunfish longear sunfish number
longnosegar longnose gar number
mimicshiner mimic shiner number
mottledsculpin mottled sculpin number
mudminnow mudminnow number
muskellunge muskellunge number
muskypikehybrid muskellunge-northern pike hybrid number
ninespstickleback ninespine stickleback number
northernhogsucker northern hogsucker number
northernpike northern pike number
nredbellydace northern redbelly dace number
propinquus O. propinquus number
pumpkinseed pumpkinseed number
quillback quillback number
rainbowsmelt rainbow smelt number
rockbass rockbass number
rosyfaceshiner rosyface shiner number
rusticus O. rusticus number
shortheadredhors shorthead redhorse number
shovelnosesturgeon shovelnose sturgeon number
silverpike silver pike number
slimysculpin slimy sculpin number
silverredhorse silver redhorse number
smallmouthbass smallmouth bass number
smallmouthbuffalo smallmouth buffalo number
splake splake (brook trout-lake trout hybrid) number
spotfinshiner spotfin shiner number
spottailemeraldh spottail shiner number
spottailshiner spottail shiner-emerald shiner hybrid number
sunfish sunfish number
troutperch trout-perch number
unidchub unidentified chub number
uniddarter unidentified darter number
unidentified unidentified species number
unidminnow unidentified minnow number
unidredhorse unidentified redhorse number
unidshiner unidentified shiner number
virilis O. virilis number
walleye walleye number
warmouth warmouth number
whitebass white bass number
whitecrappie white crappie number
whitesucker white sucker number
yellowbass yellow bass number
yellowbullhead yellow bullhead number
yellowperch yellow perch number
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