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Column Definition Unit
sampledate sample date
year4 Sampling year nominalYear
daynum Day of year nominalDay
sample_time time of day when sampled
depth_calculated Water depth calculated based on sonde measurement. The sonde moves through the water column and measures depth which was corrected to actual measurement depths meter
wtaer_temp water temperature at a given depth celsius
flag_water_temp flag for water temperature value
pH pH pH
flag_ph flag for data value of pH
chlorophylla Chlorophyll a concentration milligramsPerLiter
flag_chlorophylla flag for chlorophyll a measurement
opt_do2 dissolved oxygen D-OPTO milligramsPerLiter
flag_do2 flag for dissolved oxygen value
opt_dosat_raw oxygen concentration in percent of saturation percent
flag_opt_dosat_raw flag for oxygen concentration as percent of saturation
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