US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
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Column Definition Unit
lakeid lake identifier
lakename lake name
year4 year nominalYear
daynum day of year nominalDay
sampledate sample date
old_taxon_code taxon as originally identified
standard_taxon_code taxon as standardized across all counters
group_code arbitrary grouping code
taxon_name taxon name
net_efficiency net efficiency (fraction of what is caught in Schindler trap hauls)
number_per_net number of animals in one net haul number
vol_haul volume of one net haul (hauled from 12 m in lakes EWRT; 8 m in L)
density density of animals per liter numberPerLiter
mean_length mean length millimeter
mean_individ_biomass mean individual dry biomass milligram
total_biomass total biomass of taxon milligramsPerLiter
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