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Column Definition Unit
lakeid lake identifier
lakename lake name
year4 year nominalYear
daynum day of year nominalDay
sampledate sample date
old_taxon_code taxonomic code assigned from 1984-92 (listing available upon request)
taxon_code numeric taxonomic code introduced in 1993 and back-assigned to earlier samples
division taxanomic division
taxon_name taxanomic name
concentration natural units per ml numberPerMilliliter
class class
gal_dimension average greatest axial linear dimension (GALD) millimeter
mean_individ_vol average individual volume micrometerCubed
mean_individ_biovol average individual biovolume micrometerCubed
total_vol total volume for taxon millimeterCubedPerLiter
total_biovol total biovolume for that taxon in parts per million mm3/L; can also think of this as biomass in mg/L millimeterCubedPerLiter
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