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Please select what columns you would like to include from EPA - Eastern Lake Survey original data for the Upper Midwest Region
Column Definition Unit
els_id ELS id
lakename lake name
state state abbreviation
latitude latitude degree
longitude longitude degree
sam_type sample type: REG: regular lakes SPC: Special Interest Lakes
sampledate sample date
elev lake elevation meter
larea lake area hectare
warea watershed area hectare
wa_la (watershed area): (lake area ratio)
hydrotyp hydrologic type
stemp surface water temperature celsius
strat stratification
depth site depth meter
secchi secchi depth meter
turbid turbidity (NTU) nephelometric turbidity unit
color color (PCU) platinum cobalt units
fe Fe iron microgramsPerLiter
mn manganese concentration milligramsPerLiter
anions sum of anions microEquivalentsPerLiter
cations sum of cations microEquivalentsPerLiter
cat_an cations: anions ratio
eq_ph equilibrated pH pH
cl_ph closed pH pH
anc acid neutralizing capacity microEquivalentsPerLiter
mea_cond measured conductance microSiemensPerCentimeter
cal_cond calculated conductance microSiemensPerCentimeter
eq_dic equilibrated DIC dissolved inorganic carbon milligramsPerLiter
cl_dic closed DIC - dissolved inorganic carbon milligramsPerLiter
doc dissolved organic carbon milligramsPerLiter
ex_al extractable Al aluminum microgramsPerLiter
tot_al total Al aluminum microgramsPerLiter
ca Ca calcium microEquivalentsPerLiter
mg Mg magnesium microEquivalentsPerLiter
na Na sodium microEquivalentsPerLiter
k K potassium microEquivalentsPerLiter
nh4 NH4 ammonia microEquivalentsPerLiter
so4 SO4 sulphate microEquivalentsPerLiter
hco3 HC03 bicarbonate microEquivalentsPerLiter
cl chloride concentration milligramsPerLiter
no3 nitrate milligramsPerLiter
f F Flourine microEquivalentsPerLiter
tp total phosphorus microgramsPerLiter
sio2 SiO2 silica milligramsPerLiter
pop_fact population factor
str_pop strata population
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