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Column Definition Unit
bj_code Birge and Juday code number
lakename current lake name
year4 year nominalYear
sampledate sample date
obs chronological observation number for this lake
laketype lake type
z sampling depth - 0 indicate surface
tc water temperature celsius
sd secchi disk reading meter
col apparent color (mg Pt/L) [mg PT relative to color scale]
con conductance microSiemensPerCentimeter
ph pH pH
do dissolved oxygen [Winkler] milligramsPerLiter
alk alkalinity milligramsPerLiter
co2 acidity (free co2) milligramsPerLiter
nh3_n ammonia nitrogen milligramsPerLiter
org_n organic nitrogen milligramsPerLiter
no3_n nitrate nitrogen milligramsPerLiter
no2_n Nitrite nitrogen mg N/l as determined by the sulphanilic acid procedure. milligramsPerLiter
sol_p soluble phosphorus milligramsPerLiter
org_p organic phosphorus milligramsPerLiter
tp total phosphorus milligramsPerLiter
cl chloride concentration milligramsPerLiter
so4 sulfate concentration milligramsPerLiter
si dissolved silica milligramsPerLiter
ca calcium milligramsPerLiter
mg magnesium milligramsPerLiter
fe total iron milligramsPerLiter
plank plankton biomass (weight loss on ignition (600 degc) of dried (60 degc) residue centrifuged from 1 l samples. milligramsPerLiter
res residue (2-6 liters evaporated to 25 ml at 70-75 deg c then dried and weighed) milligramsPerLiter
mn manganese concentration milligramsPerLiter
fe3 The quantity of dissolved ferric ion (Fe 3+) in a given sample. milligramsPerLiter
fe2 Dissolved quantity of ferrous ion in a given sample. milligramsPerLiter
cu copper milligramPerKilogram
al dissolved quantity of total aluminum milligramsPerLiter
chla The total quantity of chlorophyll-a in a given sample as determined by photometric method milligramsPerLiter
h2s hydrogen sulfide concentration milligramsPerLiter
po4 The quantity of dissolved phosphate in a given sample mgPerLiter as phosphate. milligramsPerLiter
bor boron concentration milligramsPerLiter
air_temp air temperature celsius
sample_time time of day at which the sample was taken
eh Proxy for the tendency of a chemical species to accept electrons and become reduced Volts
notes notes
state state abbreviation
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