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Column Definition Unit
bj_code Birge and Juday code number
lakename current lake name
year4 year nominalYear
sample_date sample date
depth depth at which the sample or measurement was taken meter
tc water temperature celsius
alk alkalinity milligramsPerLiter
con conductance microSiemensPerCentimeter
col apparent color (mg Pt/L) [mg PT relative to color scale]
ph The log base ten of hydrogen ion concentration in a given sample standard units
sd secchi disk reading meter
res residue (2-6 liters evaporated to 25 ml at 70-75 deg c then dried and weighed) milligramsPerLiter
org_c The quantity of carbon bound to organic compounds in a given sample. milligramsPerLiter
org_n The quantity of nitrogen bound to organic molecules in a given sample. milligramsPerLiter
orgc_orgn_ratio The ratio of organic carbon to organic nitrogen in a given sample. dimensionless
cp The total quantity of protein in a given sample. milligramsPerLiter
nan The quantity of nitrogen in a sample that is not associated with proteins. For example nitrogen associated with DNA or other inorganic sources. milligramsPerLiter
ee The quantity of ether extracted from a given sample. milligramsPerLiter
totorg The total amount of organic material in a given sample. milligramsPerLiter
plank plankton biomass (weight loss on ignition (600 degc) of dried (60 degc) residue centrifuged from 1 l samples. milligramsPerLiter
inorg The total amount of inorganic material in a given sample. milligramsPerLiter
si dissolved silica milligramsPerLiter
state state abbreviation
country country
notes notes
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