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Column Definition Unit
mwbc Master Water Body Code; If the MWBC begins with M the water body is the Mississippi River. The number after the M refers to the river mile. Data source is USGS Biological Resources Division Onalaska WI
lake_unique lake identification code; Code used based on old General Waters File lake identification by Wisconsin DNR. The first two numbers are county identification from 1-72 alphabetically. The remaining numbers are lake identification within the county generally alphabetical.
lakename lake name
county name of county (WI)
county_id county id number; assigned alphabetically 1=Adams 72=Wood 0=Miss River
month month of the year nominalMonth
year4 year nominalYear
transect sampling transect; Most sampling occurred along transects perpendicular to shore that went radially around a lake these are usually mapped in hard copy.
sampling_point sampling point; Samples points were located by depth class along a transect these are individual sampling points
aqstano unique number assigned to each sampling point; Generally a combination of the transects number and then the quadrat number along that transect
depth_m water depth at the sampling point meter
substrate substrate type at the sampling point; This is a qualitative description of the substrate type at the sampling point when description were not detailed enough to assign a substrate type they could sometimes be classified as hard (sand gravel rock) or soft (silt muck). Many points may be unclassified
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