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Column Definition Unit
sitename name of waterbody
sampledate sample date
town town
map_range range
section section
qq_q quarter / quarter section description
area surface area of waterbody hectare
habitat_type habitat type
ca calcium milligramsPerLiter
cond conductivity microSiemensPerCentimeter
ph pH pH
alk alkalinity milligramsPerLiter
cl chloride concentration milligramsPerLiter
no3 nitrate milligramsPerLiter
so4 sulphate milligramsPerLiter
tkn total Kjeldahl nitrogen milligramsPerLiter
tp total phosphorus milligramsPerLiter
si silica milligramsPerLiter
duration duration in months of surface water from spring thaw until drying or re-freezing nominal month
total_taxa total taxa present in this waterbody number
site_code site code - cross ref to DNR data sheets
comments comments
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