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Column Definition Unit
lake lake name
sampledate sample date
depth depth - in meters unless otherwise noted meter
rep replicate number
dic dissolved inorganic carbon milligramsPerLiter
doc dissolved organic carbon milligramsPerLiter
tic total inorganic carbon milligramsPerLiter
toc total organic carbon milligramsPerLiter
alk alkalinity microEquivalentsPerLiter
ph pH pH
color440 absorbance at 440 nm perCmx1000
color280 absorbance at 280nm perCmx1000
color253 absorbance at 253 nm perCmx1000
cond specific conductance microSiemensPerCentimeter
secchi secchi depth meter
totpuf total P unfiltered microgramsPerLiter
totnuf total N unfiltered microgramsPerLiter
drsi dissolved reactive silica microgramsPerLiter
ca calcium milligramsPerLiter
k potassium concentration milligramsPerLiter
mg magnesium milligramsPerLiter
na Sodium concentration milligramsPerLiter
fe iron concentration milligramsPerLiter
cl chloride concentration milligramsPerLiter
so4 sulfate concentration milligramsPerLiter
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