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Please select what columns you would like to include from North Temperate Lakes LTER - Groundwater Chemistry
Column Definition Unit
wellid well name
year four digit year of sampling nominalYear
sampledate sample date
daynum day of year nominalDay
ph water pH pH
ph_bubbled water pH bubbled pH
cond specific conductance microSiemensPerCentimeter
alk alkalinity microEquivalentsPerLiter
dic dissolved inorganic carbon milligramsPerLiter
doc dissolved organic carbon milligramsPerLiter
no3no2 NO3 + NO2 -N microgramsPerLiter
nh4n NH4 - N microgramsPerLiter
totn total N: filtered microgramsPerLiter
totp total P: filtered microgramsPerLiter
drsi dissolved reactive silica microgramsPerLiter
brsi bicarbonate reactive silica microgramsPerLiter
cl chloride concentration milligramsPerLiter
so4 sulfate concentration milligramsPerLiter
ca calcium milligramsPerLiter
mg magnesium milligramsPerLiter
na Sodium concentration milligramsPerLiter
k potassium concentration milligramsPerLiter
fe iron concentration milligramsPerLiter
mn manganese concentration milligramsPerLiter
flagph data flag for ph
flagph_bubbled data flag for pH bubbled
flagalk data flag for akalinity
flagdic data flag for dissolved inorganic carbon
flagdoc data flag for dissolved organic carbon
flagno3no2 data flag for NO3NO2-N
flagnh4n data flag for NH4-N
flagtotn data flag for total filtered N
flagtotp data flag for total filtered P
flagdrsi data flag for dissolved reactive silica
flagbrsi data flag for bicarbonate reactive silica
flagcl data flag for Cl
flagso4 data flag for SO4
flagca data flag for CA
flagmg data flag for Mg
flagna data flag for Na
flagk data flag for K
flagfe data flag for Fe
flagmn data flag for Mn
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