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Please select what columns you would like to include from Little Rock Lake Experiment - Nutrients
Column Definition Unit
lakeid lake name abbreviation
year4 year nominalYear
daynum day of year nominalDay
sampledate sample date
depth depth at which the sample or measurement was taken meter
rep replicate number
sta station abbreviation
dic dissolved inorganic carbon milligramsPerLiter
tic total inorganic carbon milligramsPerLiter
doc dissolved organic carbon milligramsPerLiter
toc total organic carbon milligramsPerLiter
no3no2 (NO3 + NO2) - N microgramsPerLiter
no2 NO2 microgramsPerLiter
nh4 NH4 - N microgramsPerLiter
totnf total N filtered microgramsPerLiter
totnuf total N unfiltered microgramsPerLiter
totpf total P filtered microgramsPerLiter
totpuf total P unfiltered microgramsPerLiter
po4 orthophosphate microgramsPerLiter
sio2uf SiO2 unfiltered microgramsPerLiter
drsif dissolved reactive silica filtered microgramsPerLiter
brsif bicarbonate reactive silica filtered microgramsPerLiter
brsiuf bicarbonate reactive silica unfiltered microgramsPerLiter
tpm total particulate matter milligramsPerLiter
flagdic data flag for dissolved inorganic carbon
flagtic data flag for total inorganic carbon
flagdoc data flag for dissolved organic carbon
flagtoc data flag for total organic carbon
flagno3no2 data flag for NO3NO2-N
flagno2 data flag for NO2
flagnh4 data flag for NH4
flagtotnf data flag for total filtered N
flagtotnuf data flag for total unfiltered N
flagtotpf data flag for total filtered P
flagtotpuf data flag for total unfiltered P
flagpo4 data flag for PO4
flagsio2uf data flag for SiO2 unfiltered
flagdrsif data flag for dissolved reactive silica
flagbrsif data flag for filtered bicarbonate reactive silica
flagbrsiuf data flag for unfiltered bicarbonate reactive silica
flagtpm data flag for total particle matter
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