US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
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Column Definition Unit
year4 year nominalYear
sampledate sample date
month month of the year nominalMonth
daynum day of year nominalDay
avg_air_temp mean air temperature celsius
flag_avg_air_temp data flag for air temperature
avg_rel_hum mean relative humidity percent
flag_avg_rel_hum data flag for relative humidity
avg_wind_speed mean wind speed meterPerSecond
flag_avg_wind_speed data flag for wind speed
avg_wind_dir mean wind direction degree
flag_avg_wind_dir data flag for mean wind direction
avg_wind_speed_horiz mean wind speed horiz meterPerSecond
flag_avg_wind_speed_horiz data flag for mean wind speed horiz
avg_res_wind_speed resultant wind speed meterPerSecond
flag_avg_res_wind_speed data flag for resultant wind speed
avg_res_wind_dir resultant wind direction degree
flag_avg_res_wind_dir data flag for resultant wind direction
wind_dir_stdev wind direction stdev degree
flag_wind_dir_stdev data flag for wind direction stdev
avg_opt_do_raw mean dissolved oxygen D-OPTO milligramsPerLiter
flag_avg_opt_do_raw data flag for DO D-OPTO
avg_opt_dosat_raw mean O2 sat D-OPTO percent
flag_avg_opt_dosat_raw data flag for O2 sat D-OPTO
avg_opt_wtemp mean water temp D-OPTO celsius
flag_avg_opt_wtemp data flag for wtemp D-OPTO
avg_cr10_battery mean CR10 battery volt
avg_rad_battery mean Radio battery volt
avg_gpn_do mean dissolved oxygen Greenspan milligramsPerLiter
flag_avg_gpn_do data flag for mean dissolved oxygen Greenspan
avg_gpn_dosat mean dissolved oxygen saturation Greenspan percent
flag_avg_gpn_dosat data flag for mean dissolved oxygen saturation Greenspan
avg_gpn_wtemp mean surface wtemp Greenspan celsius
flag_avg_gpn_wtemp data flag for mean surface wtemp Greenspan
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