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Column Definition Unit
mwbc Master Water Body Code
lake_unique lake identification code; Code used based on old General Waters File lake identification by Wisconsin DNR. The first two numbers are county identification from 1-72 alphabetically. The remaining numbers are lake identification within the county generally alphabetical.
county name of county (WI)
county_id county id number; assigned alphabetically 1=Adams 72=Wood 0=Miss River
sampledate sample date
spcode macrophyte species code; Generally consists of the first 3 letters of the genus and first 2 letters of the species. If the first 5 letters of two species are identical a 6th letter is added.
genus genus
abundance_measure abundance measure
biomass_gm_per_m2 biomass gramPerMeterSquared
density average density as defined by Jessen and Lound 1962
frequency frequency; Percent of sampling units where the species occurred percent
growth_status growth status
voucher_spec_collected voucher specimen collected
visable_measure visual survey measure - details not available
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