US Long-Term Ecological Research Network

Artwork on this page was displayed at the National Science Foundation from March through June 2013 and at the meeting of the Ecological Society of America August 4 - 9, 2013

thoreau sayingScientists at the North Temperate Lakes LTER project study lake ecosystems in the northern forested and the southern agricultural/urban landscapes of Wisconsin.  The project explores how past, present and future interactions of the biophysical setting, climate and changing land use shape the dynamics and characteristics of lakes.  In this atmosphere of discovery, artists and scientists collaborate to explore the complexity, beauty and future of lakes and aquatic ecosystems. Download the brochure | Impressions from the opening at NSF | the album | LTEArts in Science Magazine | LTEArts at ESA 2013

Bates poemRichter photographDaulton pollen and peatMelinda Schnell paintingsingsaas waterDaulton crystal bogpeterson ice phenologyMariy Burns weavingsBates poem resilience

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