US Long-Term Ecological Research Network

Exploration: To range over a region, discover facts and gain understanding.

One question inspired “Drawing Water:” What happens when six artists and six scientists join in exploring the complexity, beauty and future of northern lakes?

We were determined to combine the insights of artists and scientists to create something extraordinary: to visualize life below the surface, to travel backward and forward through time, to anticipate our future. This exhibit invites viewers to enter a realm where abstract thought, imagination and vision meld with the scientific world.


We encourage you to join our adventure on the lakes. Please find us on facebook or visit our website!


This exhibition has been made possible by: The University of Wisconsin – Center for Limnology, the Trout Lake Research Station, the National Science Foundation, and the Long Term Ecological Research Program. Special thanks to the artists, the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest, Trout Lake Station staff, and to you, our visitor/explorers, for your interest, ideas, and your love for these lakes.



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