LTEArts at the National Science Foundation, Washington DC

The opening was a huge success! Drawing water exhibits with the other LTEArts projects at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC. The imgas below are from the opening to which NSF staff, including NSF's Deputy Director, Dr. Cora Marrett, came to admire the artwork and discuss art inspired science / science inspired art.

Dr. Emily Stanley, NTL lead PI, says: Going into this project, we thought the collaboration would be a great way to communicate some of our scientific understanding about lakes and long-term change to a broad audience.  This has definitely been the case- the attention that the artwork and the associated lakes-side signs and overall interest we've received exceeded my expectations.  But even more surprising to me was that this art-science collaboration and the beautiful art that resulted from these discussions has also turned out to be surprisingly effective at engaging other scientists as well.  This is clearly demonstrated by the attention the exhibit is garnering at the National Science Foundation.  I've had great scientific discussions with some of my LTER colleagues that I'm not sure would have happened if we weren't standing in front of a quilt or a painting about Wisconsin lakes.  And it's extremely gratifying to see that there are several new initiatives forming at other LTER sites to have similar programs involving exhibits and artists in residence.

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  • Terry Daulton with Dr. Cora Marrett
  • NSF staff and members of the LTER Executive Board
  • Gayle Pugh giving a presentations
  • Bonnie Peterson with Dr. Cora Marrett