Ecological Reflections is a network of sites dedicated to long-term, collaborative science and art inquiry in places of ecological or cultural importance.  The network grew from the NSF funded Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program. Outreach efforts at more than a dozen of the twenty-six LTER sites have developed programs that foster collaborations among the sciences, arts, and humanities.

Sites represented in the Ecological Reflections network extend from the hardwood forests of New England to the old growth forests of the Oregon Cascades; from the fresh and saltwater wetlands of the Everglades to the temperate lakes of Northern Wisconsin. The creative responses cultivated through the network mirror the diverse scientific, artistic, and cultural facets and legacies of these places.

The ecological reflections featured in this exhibit are results of art and science collaborations from the Bonanza Creek LTER, Harvard Forest LTER, and North Temperate Lakes LTER. The works of art are accompanied by an explanation of the science behind the art. Enjoy!

The NSF funded Long-Term Ecological Research program website

For more information see Ecological Reflections.

The first exhibition for all participating artists at the National Science Foundation, February 29, 2012 - June 30, 2012:

Featured Artists: Bonanza Creek LTER: Karin Franzen, Fred Freer, Carol Gelvin-Reymiller, Sandy Gillespie, Terry Glendenning, Jessie Hedden, Margo Klass, Ree Nancarrow, Douglas Yates, Harvard Forest LTER: David Bryant, Joh Hirsch, Debby Kaspari, Jeremy Monroe, North Temperate LTER: John Bates, Terry Daulton, Bonnie Peterson, Jim Ramsdell, Mindy Schnell, Ann Singsaas

Impressions from the exhibition can be found here and on our facebook page


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