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NTL-LTER is an active participant in the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI;, a project that was initiated in the fall of 2007 to assess and anticipate the impact of climate change on Wisconsin’s natural resources, ecosystems and regions. The primary mission of WICCI is to evaluate risks and vulnerabilities in each of these areas and to develop strategies for adaptation that can be used in natural resource management, municipal decision making, economic development, public health, and other critical components of Wisconsin’s quality of life. 

WICCI is governed by a Science Council whose 22 members are chosen from an array of disciplines within the University of Wisconsin System, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and other state and federal agencies, universities and institutions. The primary function of the Science Council is to organize and coordinate Working Groups that have the scientific expertise to assess climate change impacts pertinent to specific issues or areas of concern. To date, 15 Working Groups have been formed representing a diverse array of topic areas, sectors, or geographic regions of the state. Impacts on Wisconsin’s abundant water resources and the ecosystems they support are of prime concern to most Working Groups. 

Many NTL Principal Investigators are important active participants in WICCI. Richard Lathrop and John Magnuson are Co-Chairs of the WICCI Science Council; Chris Kucharik and Pete Nowak are members. Kuckarik also co-chairs the Climate Working Group. Randy Hunt, Steve Loheide, Emily Stanley, John Walker, and Chin Wu, plus Kucharik, Lathrop, Magnuson, and Nowak are also members of other Working Groups (i.e., Agriculture, Coastal Communities, Cold-Water Fish, Green Bay, Stormwater, and Water Resources). Other NTL-affiliated participants conducting research pertinent to WICCI include post-doc Sapna Sarma and graduate student Yvonne Hsieh (respectively supervised by NTL P.I.’s Jake Vander Zanden and Wu.)




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