US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Code Definition
A :

Data logger off

A? :

Data logger off an indeterminate number of hours

An :

Data logger off n hours; daily averages may be in error

B :

Data logger off

C :

Sensor off; missing value reported

D :

Sensor malfunction produced bad values; values set to missing;

E :

Sensor noisy; values of uncertain quality

F :

Sensor calibration error; correction factors have been applied

G :

Sensor error; estimate made based on hourly averages

H :

Data suspect; values outside of expected range

I :

Estimated from combining more than one record for the day

J :

Estimated from another met station.

K :

Sensor malfunction produced bad values: data of limited use.

L :

Non standard routine followed.

M :

Accuracy of depth uncertain due to freeze-in of instrumented raft.

N :

Value calculated from hi_res data.

O :

Sensor calibration; values set to missing.

P :

Accuracy of depth uncertain due to tangled templine