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WSC - The Influence of Legacy P on Lake Water Quality


Using a suite of numerical models, we investigated the influence of legacy P on water quality in the Yahara Watershed of southern Wisconsin, USA. The suite included Agro-IBIS, a terrestrial ecosystem model; THMB, a hydrologic and nutrient routing model; and the Yahara Water Quality Model which estimates water quality indicators in the Yahara chain of lakes. Using five alternative scenarios of antecedent P storage (legacy P) in soils and channels under historical climate conditions, we simulated outcomes of P yield from the landscape, lake P loading, and three lake water quality indicators. Data and code may also be found in
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Motew, M., S. Carpenter, C. Kucharik, and E. Booth. 2022. WSC - The Influence of Legacy P on Lake Water Quality ver 2. Environmental Data Initiative. Accessed 2023-03-26.

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Model input direct drainage P load
Model output with Daphnia
Model output without Daphnia