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North Temperate Lakes LTER: Crayfish Abundance 1981 - current


Crayfish data include crayfish catch in cylindrical minnow traps baited with beef liver and occasional occurrence in other gear used to sample fish. Traps are placed at fyke net locations in nine study lakes (Allequash, Big Muskellunge, Crystal, Sparkling, Trout, Mendota, Monona, Wingra and Fish). Crayfish traps have been eliminated as gear in the Madison area lakes (Mendota, Monona, Wingra, and Fish) after 2003. Individuals are identified to species and counted. In Trout and Sparkling Lake more detailed surveys have been conducted during the summer on an ad hoc basis to track distribution and abundance of the invading species Orconectes rusticus. In Sparkling lake Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) was removed from 2001 to 2008. Catherine L Hein, Brian M Roth, Anthony R Ives, and M Jake Vander Zanden. Fish predation and trapping for rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) control: a whole-lake experiment. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 63(2): 383-393. Additional data sets consist of pre-LTER sets (initiated in late June 1972) gathered by Capelli (Ph.D. dissertation) and Lorman (Ph.D. dissertation). Most of pre-LTER data is detailed distribution in Trout Lake, and community composition in other area lakes. Sampling Frequency: annually Number of sites: 9
Note that 2020 data does not exist due to insufficient sampling.
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Magnuson, J.J., S.R. Carpenter, and E.H. Stanley. 2022. North Temperate Lakes LTER: Crayfish Abundance 1981 - current ver 33. Environmental Data Initiative. Accessed 2022-12-04.

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North Temperate Lakes LTER: Crayfish Abundance