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Madison Wisconsin Daily Meteorological Data 1869 - current


Daily air temperature, precipitation and snow depth data for Madison from 1869. For a full description of data prior to 1987 see Robertson, 1989 (Ph.D. Thesis). Raw data (in English units) prior to 1977 were assembled by Douglas Clark - Wisconsin State Climatologist. Data were converted to metric units and adjusted for temporal biases by Dale M. Robertson. Adjusted data represent the BEST estimated daily data and may be raw data. Daily temperature data prior to 1884 were estimated from 3 times per day sampling and biases are expected and should not be comparable with data after that time. For adjustments applied to various parameters see Robertson, 1989 Ph.D. Thesis UW-Madison. Douglas Clark had assembled and adjusted 1948 to 1977 data for his own research earlier. Data from 1989 to 1995 obtained from CD's at the Wis. State Climatologists Office. Air Temp adjusted to data at Truax Field. Data collected at Bascom Hall, 1-1-1869 to 9-30-1878. Data collected at North Hall, 10-1-1904 to 12-31-1947. Data collected at Browns Block, 10-1-1878 to 4-31-1883. Data collected at Truax Field (Admin BLDG), 1-1-1948 to 12-31-195. Data collected at North Hall, 5-1-1883 to 7-31-1883. Data collected at Truax Field (Center of Field), 1-1-1960 to Present. Data collected at Washburn observatory, 8-1-1883 to 9-30-1904. Wind data collected at Truax from 1-1-1947 to Present. Much of the data after 1990 were obtained in digital form from Ed Hopkins, UW-Meteorology Sampling Frequency: daily values Number of sites: 1
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Anderson, L., D.M. Robertson, and N. National Weather Service. 2022. Madison Wisconsin Daily Meteorological Data 1869 - current ver 35. Environmental Data Initiative. Accessed 2023-03-26.

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Madison Daily Meteorological Data