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Intervention_Category: Direct Management; Intervention_Subcategory: urban stormwater; Ag1_NonAg2_Both3: 2; Rulemaking_Agenc_.Level: State, Municipal; Implementing_Agency_Level: Municipal; Promulgating_Policies: WI Stat Ch 281 Water and Sewage, WI NR 151 Runoff Management; WI Stat 283, WI NR 216 Storm Water Discharge Permits; City of Madison Street sweeping guidance; Short_Intervention_Description: Collection of debris from municipal streets in the spring through fall. ; Intervention_area_ha: 4734.369; Data_Sources: Street sweeping practice (i.e. sweeping yes/no, and which streets) determined through phone calls to all 21 municipalities. (called May-June 2013). ; Mapping_Rationale: Road areas of all municipalities that do street sweeping regularly. Assumed 10m road width.
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