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Intervention_Category: Regulation/Standard; Intervention_Subcategory: municipal land use; Ag1_NonAg2_Both3: 2; Rulemaking_Agenc_.Level: State, County; Implementing_Agency_Level: County; Promulgating_Policies: WI Stat Ch. 281, NR 121; Short_Intervention_Description: Environmental corridors are continuous systems of open space in urban and urbanizing areas, including environmentally sensitive lands and natural resources requiring protection from disturbance and development, and lands needed for open space and recreational use. Meant to inform local government planning.; Intervention_area_ha: 7783.63; Data_Sources: Capital Area Regional Planning Commission environmental corridors webpage:; accessed August 2013.; Mapping_Rationale: 2007-2012 environmental corridors from CARPC.
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