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North Temperate Lakes LTER: Vilas County Property Tax Records 1997 - 2004

Each year, the county government in Vilas County, WI, assembles data on each parcel of property in the county for various governmental administrative purposes. These records serve the register of deeds, the department of taxation, and other county departments, as well as private citizens or businesses, such as realtors, who seek information on properties in the county. These records include assessments of the value of land and built improvements, their location, the name and mailing address of the owner, and other data. LTER has begun to collect these data each year from the county as a means of monitoring owners, and the social identities of owners (whether they are state agencies, private individuals, corporations, non-profit/conservation organizations, etc.). These data have already proved useful as a sampling frame for social science surveys. This data set includes property tax records for Vilas County for the years 1997, 1998, 2001, 2003, and 2004. Sampling Frequency: annually Number of sites: 15 Townships of Vilas County, WI, USA
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