US Long-Term Ecological Research Network

Predicting Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Mendota

We’re researching algae dynamics in Lake Mendota in attempt to explain and predict harmful algal blooms and scums that form in eutrophic lakes. The current emphasis is on characterizing and understanding how spatial differences in algal growth and aggregation are affected by physical processes and movement of water masses in the lake. The research leverages automated sensing techniques to measure phytoplankton at high-res both in time and through space.

Modeling the Impact of a Changing Climate and Land Management on Vegetation

My research is generally concerned with understanding the impacts of changing environmental conditions on natural and managed vegetation ecosystems. To perform my research I use a dynamic global vegetation model which simulates ecosystem processes such as carbon, water and energy cycling at both large and small spatial scales. Future work as a PhD student will investigate the impact of land management as well as changing climate on landscapes within the Yahara Watershed. Other general interests include the relationship between climate and vegetation and the role of computer modeling within environmental science.

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