US Long-Term Ecological Research Network

Minocqua Dam Daily Meteorological Data at North Temperate Lakes LTER 1978 - current

Meteorological measurements are being gathered at a site at the Minocqua Dam for these purposes: 1) to supplement the data from the raft on Sparkling Lake and 2) to provide standard meteorological measurements for the North Temperate Lakes site. The following parameters are measured and stored as daily values: 1) maximum air temperature, 2) minimum air temperature, 3) precipitation, 4) snowfall, and 5) snowdepth. Snowdepth data begin in 1996. Precipitation data are summed for 5- minute intervals during periods of detectable precipitation. Data are reported at 7am each day for the previous 24 hours. E.g, data for June 5 are for period 7am June 4 to 7am June 5. Sampling Frequency: data averaged to daily values Number of sites: 1
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