US Long-Term Ecological Research Network

Undergraduate Opportunities

Recently NTL scientists have collaborated with Introductory Biology 151-152 at UW-Madison to develop problem-based learning cases for use in this large lecture that serves over 1,000 biology majors annually. We have developed and tested three cases that integrate LTER research and data. These include ‘Skating on Thin Ice’ that uses changes in lake ice phenology, ‘Aquatic Hitchhikers and Promiscuous Boaters’ that uses zebra mussel invasion data and predictive models, and ‘Are Fish Made of Maple Leaves’ that uses research on the relative importance of terrestrial carbon to aquatic food webs. These have been field-tested and used by UW faculty teaching ecology in this course. We have also adapted these for use with preservice science education majors, for science teachers, and for high school students.

Graduate Programs

One of the strengths of research at NTL-LTER is its broadly interdisciplinary nature, with investigators housed in many different academic departments. As a result, LTER graduate students have participated in degree programs through the Departments of Zoology, Botany, and Geology, as well as the Oceanography & Limnology Graduate Program, the Water Chemistry Program, and the Land Resources Program.

For latest course offerings please see the Center for Limnology webpage