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The Citizen Science Game

The new and exciting project, Citizen Science, is an online flash-based computer adventure game in which the player is a young adult who becomes concerned about the health of a local lake threatened by eutrophication. Based at Lake Mendota in Madison, WI, the player's goal is to restore the lake. By focusing on the ecological needs of Lake Mendota as well as the surrounding community, the game is able to bring together real-world issues and scientific practices.

What Dragonflies can tell us about our neighborhood ponds

Dragonflies, and their cousins, damselflies, are a regular feature around most bodies of water during summer months throughout the world. Help us study neighborhood ponds. Contact Dr. Robert Bohanan if you're interested. Resources: Guide to local dragonflies and dragonfly biology.

Ask A Scientist

Got a question about limnology or about North Temperate Lakes?
Send your e-mail question to LearnMore at A scientist will usually respond to your question within 48 hours.

Water for Everyone

Water for Everyone is a web-based resource for leaders of citizen science volunteer stream monitoring program. The resources include workshop planning guides, presentations, background and digital library of images of aquatic insects found in streams in Wisconsin.

Water for Everyone

Water for everyone was developed by Dr. Robert Bohanan in collaboration with Dr. Stanley Dodson, Kristine Stepenuck, Dolly Ledin and Phil Emmling


NTL and it's collaborating projects are providing a variety of research communications beyond the scientific paper.

Near Trout Lake Station: Science on Tap in Minoqua

Around Madison: The new Science on Tap Madison, Conversations About Conservation, events organized by the Clean Lakes Alliance