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Wisconsin Lake Plants - multi source database of lake plant abundance 1930 - 2004


This data set provides sampling-point by sampling-point macrophyte data for lakes sampled by a number of agencies in Wisconsin. The relational tables in this dataset were originally used to generate plant community tables. This dataset contains detailed and recent data from approximately the 1970s onward. Sampling timing and intensity varied. Table DATSOUR contains sources of data for tables AQUAPLT2 and LAKEHAB. Table AQUAPLT2 gives an estimate of plant density at each sample point. Table MAXDEPLNG has initial lake parameters derived from data in AQUAPLT2 and LAKEHAB Table LAKEHAB contains habitat characteristics at macrophyte sampling locations. Table PLTNAME has species information for plants in tables AQUAPLT2 and LAKESPEC. Table LAKES contains information for lakes included in this dataset. Table COUNTY contains information associated with the counties where the lakes in the AQUAPLT2 dataset and the LAKESPEC dataset are located. . Sampling Frequency: varies Number of sites: 1938
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Nichols, S. 2022. Wisconsin Lake Plants - multi source database of lake plant abundance 1930 - 2004 ver 5. Environmental Data Initiative. Accessed 2023-06-01.

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Wisconsin Lake Plants - DATSOUR - Data Sources
Wisconsin Lake Plants - LAKEHAB - Habitats at Sampling Sites
Wisconsin Lake Plants - LAKEOBS - Historical Sources
Wisconsin Lake Plants - LAKESPEC - Historical Macrophyte Sample Data
Wisconsin Lake Plants - MAXDEPLNG - Lake Parameters
Wisconsin Lake Plants - PLTNAME - Species data
Wisconsin Lake Plants Database - AQUAPLT2 - Macrophyte Sample Data
Wisconsin Lake Plants Database - COUNTIES
Wisconsin Lake Plants Database - LAKES - Lakes info