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Upper Midwest Great Lakes Region Citizen Secchi Data 1938 - 2012


Upper MidwestorGreat Lakes Region Citiizen Secchi Data includes 239,741 citizen Secchi monitoring records (1938 – 2012) from Illinois Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, Indiana Clean Lakes Program, Iowa Secchi Dip-In Project, Michigan Clean Water Corps, Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program, Minnesota Citizen Lake Monitoring Program, Ohio Citizen Lake Awareness Program, and Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Records. Data were obtained from above monitoring groups and merged with the high resolution National Hydrography Dataset based on citizen proved latitudeorlongitude coordinates to verify the location of individual lakes and size of lake (hectare). Code used to estimate annual average Secchi depth (m) provided in metadata. These citizen-collected, publically available Secchi depth measurements were collected to answer two questions: (1) what are the long-term trends in lake water quality across a broad geographic region?; (2) how do trends differ as a function of spatial location, size of lake monitored, and when Secchi records were collected. Data collection and analysis were funded by the National Science Foundation (MSB- 1065786, EF-1065818, EF-1065649), NTL-LTER (DEB-0822700), STRIVE grant 2011-W-FS-7 from the Environmental Protection Agency. GLERL contribution number (1703).
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Lottig, N., T. Wagner, E. Henry, K. Webster, J. Downing, and C. Stow. 2022. Upper Midwest Great Lakes Region Citizen Secchi Data 1938 - 2012 ver 3. Environmental Data Initiative. Accessed 2023-03-27.

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Lake characteristics, IDs, size, location, volunteer programs
Secchi depth data obtained by volunteers in the upper Midwest