North Temperate Lakes LTER: Zooplankton - Trout Lake Area 1982 - current

Zooplankton samples are collected from the seven primary northern lakes (Allequash, Big Muskellunge, Crystal, Sparkling, and Trout lakes and bog lakes 27-02 [Crystal Bog], and 12-15 [Trout Bog]) at two to nine depths using a 2 m long Schindler Patalas trap (53um mesh) and with vertical tows (1 m above the bottom of the lake to the surface) using a Wisconsin net (80um mesh). Zooplankton samples are preserved in buffered formalin (up until the year 2000) or 80% ethanol (2001 onwards) and archived. Data are summed over sex and stage and integrated volumetrically over the water column to provide a lake-wide estimate of organisms per liter for each species. A minimum of 5 samples per lake-year are identified and counted. Sampling Frequency: fortnightly during ice-free season - every 6 weeks during ice-covered season. Number of sites: 7

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1982-02-23 to 2017-12-31

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